One-Time Projects

There are so many things on a small business owner’s plate that we (I’m one too!) don’t have time to do it. Sometimes the project gets done but it’s in a rush or the quality isn’t what you’d like because small businesses don’t have the expertise. Nobody is an expert in everything.

Many times the project is making some edits or revamping an existing process. It doesn’t get done because “it works well enough”. And sometimes that process has to do with your most impactful assets, your employees.

Don’t wait on these projects anymore and come get the expertise you need and get the quality work you want.

One of the biggest headaches for small businesses right now is the recruiting and retention employees. Ever since COVID, candidates are wanting different things than what was wanted in the past. And some benefits or perks matter more than they did before. On top of that, you want someone who will work well with your current team and make it even better.

So, finding the right candidate can be difficult. Fortunately, I have a track record of being been able to find quality candidates for my clients.

I can go out and find candidates for you. We can also take a look at your hiring process. Making some minor changes here and there may make all the difference. Plus, making it easy for the candidate ensures they have a good experience and makes it easier in the long run to find more quality people.

Recruiting / Hiring

Onboarding Programs

What does your new hire’s first days look like? Is it a few hours in the morning? The full day? Or is it a few days of getting them up to speed and introducing them to the team? Or does it depend on the position?

When it comes to an orientation or onboarding program, one size does NOT fit all. But a new hire’s first day (and first weeks) are super important! They tell a new hire a lot about the culture of your organization and affects their retention rates. And it all starts with Day 1 Orientation.

Small businesses have so much to offer emloyees in terms of a great culture. They can offer things that large corporations can’t. So let’s use that to your advantage!

I can help build that Day 1 presentation or we can work on an Onboarding program for the new hires’ first 30, 60, or 90 days.

An employee handbook is one of the more difficult things that a small business owner will need to put together. But it’s crucial to protect you, your employees and your company culture. There are so many laws that apply, how do you make sure you follow ALL of them? And how do you, as the employer, protect your business without having to go to a lawyer?

A good HR partner can take care of that for you. I know which laws are applicable to you, what the trends are and know how to keep an eye on new things that come up.

We can sit down and discuss what you currently have and what you would like. I’ll get to work on it and the final draft will be something you will value and something that will grow with you.

Employee Handbook

Other Projects

• Job Descriptions

• Open Enrollment

• Turnover Analysis

• Organizational Charts

Let’s work together on your next HR project