My Story

Enjoy what you do!

I love the outdoors! Sometimes it’s tough in SE Houston to get to places where we can enjoy the outdoors like we want to. But I camp, hike and fish whenever the weather is nice enough with my family. It’s not always easy with 3 kids but it is always a memorable experience! And on the days where the weather isn’t nice I enjoy reading or working in my garage on projects for our home.

I got into HR because I truly enjoy helping individuals with the things that happen in the workplace. A lot of the time HR has a bad name, but it shouldn’t be that way! I am here to help employees and managers (specifically small business owners and managers) navigate the workplace and come up with solutions that help both the employee and the organization. I now have 8 years experience in corporate America, in both private and public companies. I started my own business so I can make a larger impact with small to medium sized businesses and with individuals.

Helping people is truly rewarding

I’ve done lots of things to help people over the years and not only in the business world. Participating in countless service projects like cleaning up parks to coaching to helping hurricane victims has been a blessing.

I, of course, have come to know numerous people in the workplace and have helped them through difficult times by coming up with solutions for what they’re going through. It’s been awesome to get to know so many people and I look forward to getting to know you!

Community Involvement

I’ve been involved in the community since I was a kid and still am. I am an Eagle Scout and a member of a church that has made me active in my community and I’ve enjoyed serving.

Now that I am older and started my own business, I can participate in different ways. I joined the Pearland Chamber of Commerce to become more involved and be a resource for other small business owners that are also members of the chamber.

Professional Certification

Having a certification in any career shows a certain level of expertise. Most, if not all, require hours upon hours of study and a certain level of proficiency to obtain.

I obtained my Professional in Human Resources Certificate in January 2021 and continue to participate in continuing education to maintain that certification. This allows me to better help the small businesses I work with.